We’re back with our first blog of 2023. As always, we’ll keep it short and sweet, sharing three reasons why you should invest in affiliate and partner marketing in 2023 and beyond. According to our valued partner AWIN, nearly half of marketers plan to invest more in partner marketing this year. So, it begs the question, why? 

Well, here are just three reasons.


Return on investment is consistently strong 

As with any marketing channel, ROI is an important consideration. Thankfully, affiliate marketing offers healthy ROI month on month. For example, affiliate network AWIN recorded an ROI of 1:12 across the network, and we see similar rates across our clients here at Conversion. Plus, because it’s is paid on performance, you only pay for qualified sales instead of clicks. 

You can reach customers at every stage of their journey 

Once upon a time, affiliate marketing had a bad rep. Many brands would assume that the channel is only suitable for bottom-of-funnel conversions through partnerships with discount and incentive sites. However, it has evolved and offers ample opportunity to reach customers at every stage of their journey. From brand awareness thanks to editorial partners to trust thanks to review and comparison partners, affiliate marketing can influence shoppers more than you may think. 

According to an AWIN survey, almost half of the respondents saw increased partnership opportunities in the channel compared to a year ago, with content partners and influencers high on the target lists for brands in 2023. 

It’s only getting more popular 

Finally, according to Conjurer, it is the only marketing channel increasing while others decline. In short: it’s becoming increasingly important, and you can no longer afford to ignore it. 

We’re experiencing considerable shifts in affiliate marketing and expect the channel to grow far beyond 2023. So, if you don’t want to get left behind, investing in affiliate marketing is a must this year. So, get in touch to learn more about our affordable, bespoke management solutions today.