Influencer partnerships can be an excellent brand awareness and sales strategy. The trick? Nailing your strategy. Here are four tips so you can do it right. 

Influencer partnership tips 

Know who you’re trying to influence

An effective influencer strategy will speak directly to your target audience. So, the first step in crafting a great campaign is knowing who you want to influence. Of course, you can target several groups. When mapping out who you want to target, think about their broader interests, the social platforms they use and the type of accounts they engage with. From here, you can begin matching influencers with these personas.

Search for true ambassadors 

Just as you’d create customer personas, you want to take things one step further, creating influencer personas. With so many influencers to choose from, you can rest assured the perfect fit is out there; you just have to find them. You want the influencers you choose to be relevant, authentic and truly aligned with your brand values. 

The secret to a great campaign is a diverse variety of influencers. From bloggers and TikTokers to industry experts, opt for several types. 

Communicate clearly 

So, you’ve found the perfect brand ambassadors, and now effective communication is critical. From the message you want to convey to KPIs for the campaign, it’s essential to communicate your goals clearly. Common KPIs include conversions, traffic, reach and awareness, engagement, and audience growth. When mapping out campaigns, ensure all bases are covered, and the influencers you’re working with have access to all the information and resources they need. 

Track, scale and optimise 

Of course, you’ll want to track your campaign results effectively. So, consider investing in an end-to-end solution offering comprehensive tracking and insights. From here, you’ll be able to scale and optimise your program easily. 

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