While affiliate strategy is excellent for all stages of the funnel, it’s a particularly effective tool for the bottom of the funnel. From increasing conversion rates to instant customer service, several publishers will help your brand boost affiliate sales. In this blog post, we’re sharing just four of our trusted partners who will take your sales strategy to the next level.   

Boost Affiliate Sales 


Envolve is an award-winning virtual shopping assistant that will seamlessly convert customer enquiries into sales. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, Envolve will build a virtual shopping assistant to support your customer conversations 24/7. 

The website chat box will pop up to support customer enquiries, deal with frequently asked questions, spot sales opportunities and convert warm leads into qualified sales. 


  • Instantly answers customer’s questions, 24/7 
  • Decreased enquiries coming to your customer service team
  • Increased AOV thanks to intelligent product recommendations and upselling are industry experts when it comes to optimising customer conversions. Thanks to perfectly timed, personalised engagement tools, will help you unlock the potential of your audience and boost affiliate sales. 

Using intent-based solutions, will use various tools such as pop-ups, emails, and notifications to transform your customer journeys. 


  • Brand-aligned prompts to boost conversion rates
  • Personalised, non-invasive engagement tools
  • Discount code management system 


If you need a strategic online shopping partner, you’ll be in good hands with Redbrain. Redbrain will drive incremental revenue using cutting-edge technology without impacting in-house marketing efforts. 

In 2021, Redbrain drove over £800 million in incremental sales for partners using Google comparison shopping services, Microsoft shopping services and price comparison services. 


  • Google Comparison and Microsoft shopping services
  • Price comparison services
  • Technology that won’t impact your in-house efforts 


Referral marketing is a powerful tool, and Soreto makes it easier than ever. Soreto is home to referral marketing and social sharing technology, allowing brands to leverage existing customers to acquire new ones. 

Using their technology, you can create brand ambassadors to amplify your brand research and increase purchases. From adding referral offers to your checkout to tapping into your customer’s social network, Soreto is referral marketing at its best. 


  • Leverage existing customers to acquire new ones
  • Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing in a social-first world 
  • Increase repeat customers and boost brand loyalty 

As with most affiliate partners, these partners work on a commission basis. So, you can use these practical tools to boost affiliate sales, only paying for qualified sales. No fees, no minimum spends, no retainers. If you’re keen to leverage these partners and thousands more, get in touch with Conversion. Our knowledgeable team can build a bespoke affiliate strategy to grow your brand and increase profits.