Capitalising on trends to maximise your outreach

No matter what industry your brand falls into, new trends are constantly emerging. Whether it be a new lifestyle fad, a celebrity trend or an increased demand for sustainability, brands need to be able to react to trends. By doing so, you’ll be maximising your outreach while riding the wave. 

When done correctly, capitalising on trends can be a sure-fire way to secure coverage on high-quality websites, attract new customers and ultimately, drive sales. However, It should never be case of jumping on the bandwagon and following the herd. instead, you need to do your research and back up what you’re saying and doing. 

For example, right now, we’ve seen brands come under fire for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. They’re quick to show empty support, yet their brand shows 0 support of diversity. So, instead, there needs to be some thought and planning behind capitalising on trends. 

To strengthen your outreach efforts, and capitalise on the trends truly relevant to your brand, follow these tips: 

  • Use search tools to identify strong trends: to capitalise on trends; you should identify them as they’re emerging. You can do this by using a search tool such as Google Trends, SEMrush or Search Metrics. Use of these tools will help you to identify spikes in searches for specific topics. 
  • Think about how the trend can be applied to your brand: before you hop onto any trend in a hope to drive sales, ensure that it can be applied. For example, earlier this year, gender neutrality became a huge trend across the fashion and interiors industry. But it wouldn’t make sense for a car dealer to capitalise on this. 
  • Shout about it: Once you’ve identified a trend, and carried out the research, people need to hear about it. Here’s where your affiliate network comes into play. 

Here’s how you can use affiliate marketing to amplify your message: 

  • Editorial: When you’ve got a successful affiliate marketing strategy in place, you likely have several editorial publishers on your program. Identify which ones drive the most sales and appeal to your audience and pitch an editorial piece around the latest trend. If it’s a long-running trend such as zero waste, it’s likely they’ve already covered the topic.  Therefore, it can be as simple as adding your brand onto the list. 
  • Look out for media requests: On the flip side, you don’t always have to pitch to editorial sites. Instead, you can look out for media requests or opportunities from journalist and publications looking to pick up on particular trends. 
  • Partner with publishers that are relevant to the said trend: For example, if you’re capitalising on a sustainability trend, a little research will find publishers that champion green living. Whether it be a fundraising site or a search engine that plants trees in return for traffic, you might be surprised what you find. 

Are you ready to capitalise on trends, maximise outreach and drive sales? Get in touch with Converzion, and we’ll make it happen.