If you dream of taking your brand global, but you’re not quite sure if you’ve got the funds to do it, influencer marketing might be the solution for you. When you fuse a combination of influencer and affiliate marketing, you can achieve global reach. The best bit? You can do so without the need for a substantial budget and unnecessary risk. 

As the phenomenon of influencer marketing is most definitely here to stay. If you’re not already weaving it into your affiliate strategy, you’re missing a trick. 

Influencer Marketing 

We’ll start with the basics, influencer marketing at its best is a subtle endorsement from someone with a following within your target audience. When you choose a brilliant influencer, you’re choosing a trusted publisher to give their stamp of approval on your brand. As they feature it on their blog, website, magazine or social feed, first impressions are important. 

In recent years, we’ve seen a considerable uptake in influencer marketing. As a result of ad blockers, a decline in TV ads, a shift in social and the change in the way customers consume, influencer marketing is often an approach which is favoured by many brands in the UK and beyond. 

While the world if influencer marketing can be hard to navigate, and at times a little shady, thanks to the ASA, it’s becoming more transparent and trustworthy. Therefore, making it a great option to break into global markets. 

Expanding your Brand Globally 

When you pair influencer and affiliate marketing together, it’s a great, low-risk strategy to tap into new markets, in all four corners of the globe. Essentially, influencers are another type of publisher for your brand. So, for example, if you wanted to introduce your brand to the US market, utilising a combination of US-based publishers and influencers will go hand in hand. Aside from extending the reach of your brand overseas, you can appeal to a specific audience, that will have a genuine interest in your brand. 

Why Work with Influencers? 

  • They increase brand sentiment – ultimately, the end game for your brand is to win the hearts of your consumers through promoting a positive brand image. Carefully choosing trusted influencers within your niche will do just that. 
  • Authentic storytelling can work wonders – influencers that have managed to build an engaged following by being true to themselves are trusted as much as you would a friend. When you choose to work with influencers that are genuine and trusted, the end result can be great. By utilising skilled influencers to craft authentic content, their followers are more likely to convert into customers. 
  • Low investment = higher ROI – as we mentioned, influencer marketing is a relatively low-cost strategy. Thanks to the comparatively low costs of influencer marketing versus traditional approaches, more brands are using it. While a full strategy can be time-consuming, the results can be extremely fruitful. 

Although influencer marketing has many pro’s, there are also some con’s, particularly when you’re venturing into new global markets. It’s always important to keep in mind that influencers can be the bridge between your brand and your customers, so, you want to ensure they echo its values. Simply put, pilot your campaign first, opt for authenticity and emotion and take the time to find the perfect matches. It’s not something you want to rush into if your first time around in a new market. Of course, you can also call on the experts to help you out. To find out more, get in touch with the team at Conversion Digital