Capitalising on trends is an excellent marketing tactic for eCommerce brands, particularly significant dates in the calendar. So, from Valentine’s Day to Cyber Week, in this blog, we’re sharing key retail dates in 2022 so you can maximise the opportunity to boost sales. 


17/01 – Blue Monday 

According to a university professor, Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year so cheer your customers up with an engaging campaign. 


01/02 – Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a huge retail event as shoppers in Asia buy gifts for loved ones and spend on themselves ahead of the event. 

14/02 – Valentine’s Day

According to 365 retail, Brits spend over £850 million each year on Valentine’s Day; if you’re not capitalising on this spending power, you should be. 

18/02 – London Fashion Week

As a key fashion event in the UK, fashion week offers a chance for brands to join the conversation, jump on trends and share exclusive offers in celebration of LFW. 


08/03 – International Women’s Day 

From exclusive offers to highlighting gender equality work your brand is doing, International Women’s Day is not a date in the calendar that you shouldn’t overlook.  

27/03 – Mother’s Day 

Although Mother’s Day sales slowed slightly in 2021 due to lockdown, sales were still in the millions. So, if you’re not already planning a Mother’s Day campaign, you should be.  


17/04 – Easter Sunday

It’s not just easter eggs and hot cross buns that prove popular in the lead up to Easter. Thanks to the bank holiday and warmer weather, there is an excellent opportunity for fashion brands to jump on Easter. 

22/04 – Earth day 

As sustainability becomes increasingly popular, Earth Day offers a prime opportunity to showcase your eco-friendly efforts. Remember, key retail dates aren’t just about sales but also amplifying your values. 


01/05 – Wedding season begins 

While weddings have been on hold for most recent years, May is the start of ‘wedding season’, offering plenty of opportunities for brands to tap into.  

02/05 – May bank holiday

While great British weather can be unpredictable, the first May bank holiday often feels like the beginning of summer, making it a great time to promote new season drops.  

02/05 – Eid 

Eid marks the end of the Muslim festival, Ramadan. Eid is a time for anyone observing to get dressed up, enjoy a feast and exchange gifts to celebrate the joyous occasion. 

14/05 – FA cup final 

Many brands saw the power of engaging in football trends during the 2020 Euro, and the FA cup final offers similar opportunities. In 2021, the Ronaldo 7 Manchester United shirt generated an impressive £187.1 million in sales


02/06 – Spring bank holiday

As days grow longer, the weather improves, and shoppers look forward to their Summer holidays, the spring bank holiday is a great time to promote your summer collection. 

19/06 – Father’s Day

With an average spend of £24 per dad in the UK, it’s easy to see why Father’s Day is another key retail date many brands will run a campaign for. 

25/06 – Armed Forces Day

As a chance to showcase your support for the men and women who make up our armed forces, 25th June offers the perfect opportunity for a thoughtful campaign to show thanks. 


06/07 – Women’s Euro 2022  

Following the excitement of Euro 2020, the Women’s Euro this year is expected to make waves as women’s football continues to gain traction. 

TBC – Amazon Prime Day

With the retail giant offering 48-hours of non-stop deals, Amazon Prime Day is undoubtedly one of the most significant key retail dates. 


29/08 – Summer bank holiday 

Although summer *should* be in full swing, it will soon come to an end, offering the perfect time to begin launching Autumn collections. 


01/09 – Back to school

With the back-to-school marketing generating over £1billion in sales every year, it’s easy to see why so many brands are jumping on the trend. Even if your offerings don’t appeal to children, try pushing a treat to parents instead. 


31/10 – Halloween 

With Halloween spending reaching around £500 million in 2021, this isn’t a date you’ll want to sleep on. 


11/11 – Single’s Day

When we’re talking key retail dates, it doesn’t get much bigger than the anti-Valentine’s Day phenomenon that is Single’s Day. In 2021 alone, Chinese shoppers spent an eye-watering $139.1 billion. While the event is most prominent in Asia, it’s growing in popularity in the West.

25/11 – Black Friday

Two weeks after Single’s Day comes Black Friday, another massive date in the eCommerce world. With 2021’s Black Friday generating a whopping $8.9 billion in online sales alone, shoppers spend in November like never before.  

28/11 – Cyber Monday 

With Black Friday morphing into Cyber Weekend or even Cyber Week, Cyber Monday offers another chance to reel customers when they’re still hunting for deals and primed to spend. 


23/12 – final day for Christmas delivery 

23rd December is the final date for guaranteed Christmas delivery for brands offering a next-day service for the last-minute shoppers. 

26/12 – Boxing Day 

While Black Friday is now the most significant shopping date in the UK, Boxing Day still proves popular as shoppers spent £2.7 billion during the 2020 Boxing Day Sale. 

While you don’t need to jump on every key shopping date in 2022, it’s worth considering which of these dates align with your brand so you can join the conversation, increase visibility and benefit your bottom line. 

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