PR and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Yet, many businesses and agencies treat the two marketing channels as separate entities. In this blog, we’re delving into five reasons why you should consider combining your PR and affiliate marketing efforts for success. 

Improved Tracking for PR Placements 

It can be challenging to track the impact of your PR efforts, particularly when it comes to sales. However, when PR features use an affiliate link, you’ll have access to more accurate tracking, allowing you to see exactly how many clicks and sales a piece of PR coverage has generated. 

Increase Incentive for Publishers

Landing earned media in leading publications is challenging. However, when you have an active affiliate program, it can give you the upper hand. When publications can earn commission from brand or product placements, it can work as an added incentive for publishers to feature you. In addition, that commission might give you preference over competitors and, if the placement performs well, gain you additional press in the future without the need to pitch again. 

Leverage with Publishers  

In addition to your default commission serving as an incentive to publishers, you can also use your affiliate program to further leverage your partnerships. For example, if a publication is driving a lot of clicks and sales, you can leverage your affiliate program. For example, you can offer publishers an increased commission in return for additional exposure. Both PR and affiliate marketing are centred around relationships, so blending the two makes negotiating with publishers easier than ever. 

Lower Paid PR Costs

Often, affiliate tenancy placements are much cheaper than paid media placements. While it’s every brand’s dream to continuously secure earned media, an affiliate program can help reduce the cost of any paid media should you choose to invest. Furthermore, suppose you have an existing relationship with the publication, and they’re already earning commission from your brand. In that case, you can offer increased commission to secure lower tenancy fees. 

Better Relationships with Leading Publishers

Leading publishers such as Vogue, Sheerluxe and Marie Claire have separate editorial and affiliate marketing/commercial partnerships teams. PR allows you to form and nurture relationships with the journalists on the editorial team, while affiliate marketing opens doors with the commercial team. You’ll benefit from better relationships by targeting both with a two-pronged approach. 

It’s worth noting that affiliate marketing should be a supplement to PR instead of a replacement. Earned media, even without affiliate links, is a valuable brand-building activity. So, fusing the two together is the best approach. 

At Conversion, we can work seamlessly with your PR agency or in-house team. By doing so, we ensure our affiliate strategy follows an aligned approach to maximise success and benefit your bottom line. If you’re keen to learn how affiliate marketing can benefit your brand, get in touch with the team today.