The end of 2020 is near. For many businesses, 2020 has been a year of adjustment as we’ve navigated unchartered territory. The good news? Going into 2021 doesn’t feel as if we’re stepping into the unknown. Instead, industry experts are able to forecast trends and technologies that will impact how we do business in 2021.

Working from Home Continues  

After many companies were forced to adapt operations to support a remote workforce, many have seen the benefits first-hand. As a result of the lessons learned, companies in the UK and beyond are rethinking their entire business model. While working from home isn’t the future for everyone, businesses are working hard to reimagine their workspaces and boost productivity in 2021.

Innovation is More Important than Ever

In 2021, business leaders all over the world need to take a step back and reflection of what they’re offering customers and how they operate as a business in this new landscape. For many industries, 2020 completely transformed everything they do, so 2021 is all about being innovative and reactive. 

Automation Grows in Popularity  

Automation is pegged to be one of the top business trends for 2021. Now is an excellent time for businesses to evaluate their process and identify the stages that aren’t adding any true value. This year, we’ve already seen shifts in favour of automation with changes to warehouses, supply chains and chatbots.

Global Switches to Local

2020 gave many of us a reason to think local rather than globally. The same goes for businesses. As COVID-19 disrupted international supply chains for many industries, tensions rose between the U.S and China and Brexit was signed and sealed, 2020 is a year to rethink strategies. For many brands, the idea of localised manufacturing and selling is becoming more appealing than ever.

Demand for Sustainability is a Trend That’s Here to Stay

Localised manufacturing and selling isn’t just appealing because of convenience and cost, but also sustainability. Sustainability is a trend we’ve seen grow year on year and that’s not about to change anytime soon. While coronavirus was damaging to businesses, many brands have realised that the environmental crisis could be much more damaging. Now is a better time than ever for brands to rethink operations, their product offering and their environmental impact. 

Social Engagement is a Key Trend

This year, brands relied on engaging with both their loyal and potential customers across social media. For 2021, customers will be keen to see an authentic presence across social media. Consumers want to connect with brands, understand their values and get a real behind the scenes look at a company – goodbye curated grids, hello in the moment posting. To strengthen brand presence further, working with micro and macro-influencers is also very much on the agenda as with previous years.

2020 hasn’t been all bad for business. To merely survive is no mean feat, but to thrive is seriously impressive. Here’s to embracing trends and going bigger & better for 2021! Get in touch to find out how we can help.