Launching in Asian markets

In a previous post, we discussed launching into international markets in general. This time around, we’re focusing on Asian markets. In particular, we’re looking at Duomai, one of the largest sub-networks in China. 

The affiliate marketing industry isn’t always a straightforward game; this is often the case when it comes to breaking into international markets. Each market can vary significantly. For example, Australia is a much less competitive space than the UK, so, may require less aggressive tactics and spend. 

With that said, if you’ve already got an established affiliate strategy in place for one market, there’s no reason why you can’t use that as a base. Although there are differences, there are plenty of commonalities too. 

What’s Duomai? 

Duomai was established in 2011, boasting over 100,000 publishers and partners with over 1,000 advertisers, it provides significant opportunity to drive sales. With multichannel marketing opportunities for the Chinese market coupled with exposure across international publishers, it’s a great platform to tap into new markets. 

Case Study 

Although some international markets are years behind the UK, Duomai has seen some impressive results. In Q4 of 2017, the platform drove over $3 billion in sales. Q4 is a busy time across. All territories with Cyber Week and Christmas taking place. Furthermore, Singles’ Day and Double12 are big in Asia and other regions too. 


As they aimed to provide advertisers with 100% media coverage within the Greater China Region, Duomai adopted several tactics: 

  • Strengthening relationships with content focused sites to increase conversions using: 

– Tailored content. 

– Onsite banner placement to boost exposure.

  • Driving customer loyalty through educations posts by: 

– Providing a brand profile for each advertiser and exposing Chinese shoppers to the brand. 

– Assisting Chinese consumers as they navigate users websites, adding features to encourage them to make a purchase. 

  • Boosting brand awareness by partnering with key players, including WeChat and Weibo Key Opinion leaders to: 

– Partner with leading fashion editors in the region. 

– Increase content features.

– Boost exposure across Wechat and Weibo communities. 


As a result of their revolutionary strategy, Duomai boosted exposure for their advertisers. Resulting in the following: 

  • Traffic and revenue boosted by 500% in Q4.
  • Key Chinese retail events, including Double12 and Singles’ Day, generated $600 million in sales. 
  • They achieved a total of over $3 billion in sales. 
  • Over 300 new fashion-focused publishers joined the subnetwork in Q4. 
  • Became the preferred sub-network for publishers in China. 

Pretty impressive right? If you’re ready to get a piece of the pie and tap into Chinese and Asian markets, get in touch to find out more.